Tino Tracanna - Acrobats




Tino Tracanna (tenor and soprano sax) 
Mauro Ottolini (trombone, Euphonium, launeddas) 
Roberto Cecchetto (guitar) 
Paolino Dalla Porta (doublebass) 
Antonio Fusco (drums, percussion) 

A quintet of "supermusicians", each one with a unique style and a strong personality, that together rise to one of the most original band on the Italian jazz scene in recent years.
A refined project, a true masterpiece, thanks to a series of high-profile elements: the powerful compositional vein of the leader, Tino Tracanna (an artist of great value, saxophonist out of the ordinary and extraordinary composer above all, for years partner in the Paolo Fresu quintet), and the participation of an exceptional cast.

Claudio Cecchetto, nowadays in Italy, is probably one of the most original guitarist and modern. Giovanni Fusco is a prodigious drummer who enters polyrhythms that often go beyond the classic swing, and interpreter of "urban rhythms", more and more common in modern jazz. Paolino Dalla Porta is considered "the italian bassist". Last but not least, Mauro Ottolini, that certainly stands as definitive artist for the extraordinary visionary vein and its ability to tame even unusual instruments (see the giant euphonium).

The project Acrobats is, without doubts, one of the most modern and powerful expressions that the current Italian jazz scene has to offer. A strength and a modernity that arise from the deep knowledge of the tradition and at, the same time, from the ability to interpret the musical challenges of the new millennium.
At one time you can listen great musicians, not only for overt instrumental skills, but above all for their personal strong musical aesthetic.

Photo ©Mariagrazia Giove, ©Roberto Cifarelli [Antonio Fusco]