Riccardo Fioravanti Trio




Riccardo Fioravanti (double bass) 
Bebo Ferra (acoustic guitar) 
Andrea Dulbecco (vibes, marimba) 

Riccardo Fioravanti, one of the most celebrated masters of rhythmic accompaniment in the Italian jazz scene, with his trio, offers two thematic projects: Bill Evans Project and Coltrane Project.

The special feature of these projects is to meet the challenge in an unconventional way. The training, consisting of bass, acoustic guitar and vibraphone, presents a mood sound very distant from the original proposals, because both projects are missing of the emblem of the instrument (a piano for Bill Evans Project , and a saxophone for Coltrane Project), and because the combination of these three instruments gives rise to an unexpected sound, almost as chamber music, elegant, refined, and at the same time engaging.

A new point of view, a new perspective, a different angle, in the presence of the same emotional scene that these giants of jazz have been able to create. It's interesting to see how the notes of Coltrane and Evans create synaptic transmissions in the minds and in the hearts of these artists, and it's surprising as the "interpretations" may become "creations" of great value.

Two records ave benn for both projects, and in the " Coltrane Project"the themes have been entrusted to three of the best trumpet players of the national jazz scene: Fabrizio Bosso, Giovanni Falzone, and Dino Rubino.

The trio is available upon request, with the possible addition of one or more of the trumpet mentioned above.

Photo Credits ©Mariagrazia Giove




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