Polga meets Bosso




Michele Polga (tenor sax) 
Fabrizio Bosso (trumpet) 
Luca Bulgarelli (doublebass) 
Tommaso Cappellato (drums) 
Luca Mannutza (piano) 

Italy has always proposed great talents who know how reinterpret and revitalize the jazz like few other musicians in the world. Here the ensemble is formed by a part of the best Italian scene: a rhythmic among the most quoted with Bulgarelli and Mannutza, highly popular in many formations , and two solists that surprise every time, beside Fabrizio Bosso, that is listed as one of the top performing trumpet players in the world, here the revelation of tenor saxophonist Michele Polga, with great sound, excellent technique and expressiveness.
Their live have a strength and dynamism that immediately conquer the audience.
The evidenced is done by the resounding success that has had their first album " Michele Polga meets Fabrizio Bosso " ( catalog Abeat abjz 097) , recorded during a concert at the jazz club Panic. This album has been a unicucm in view of the recent Italian jazz great success with critics and audiences, with substantial sales that did shout at the little miracle.

We like to recall here a comment by the great Enrico Rava about this record: "The opening is quite astounding. A fast, lively theme is carried over a very solid and effective bass line... and paves the way for Polga's powerful, engaging solo. We are instantly hooked.
So is jazz alive and is it doing well? Very definitely, and with musicians such as Polga and his fellow players one can easily capture an idea of the current fortunate lot and good health of the genre.
Fabrizio Bosso is simply incredible (as always), and we enjoy the unpredictable and strikingly creative sparks he manages to generate and admire the outstanding control of his instrument. Mannuzza, Bulgarelli and Cappellato are absolutely essential; they are imaginative, alert and reactive. It is evident that it is a pleasurable experience for all of them all but it is for us too. They listen and respond to each other, offering an essential contribution towards the unity of the band. What else can we say? This is a great, truly authentic jazz album. This is the way they used to be produced and they’re increasingly rare.
It is basically one of those albums that you just want to play again and again.
" Enrico Rava

Photo ©Nicola Boschetti