Gaia Cuatro




Aska Kaneko (violin, vocal) 
Gerardo Di Giusto (piano) 
Carlos Buschini (bass, double bass) 
Tomohiro Yahiro (drums, percussions) 

"Their music is no longer tango, is no longer music of continental flavor. It becomes a rich tonal palette of unusual colors that bind exceptionally well and tell and embody the true meaning of today's contemporary which is cultural and geographical."(Paolo Fresu)

Gaia Cuatro is an amazing group born from the meeting of two of the most talented jazz musicians of Japanese jazz scene and two of the most creative and innovative Argentine musicians, active in Europe. Two different worlds that come together through music: Argentina, a country that is not only Tango, but is colored by amazing folk rhythmic variety, from passionate harmonies, from poetry that is words and music at the same time; Japan, where tradition is aesthetics, elegance, sophistication, where forms are well-finished and delicate, time is rarefied and the soul is calm.
This incredible dialogue takes place between the melodic instruments of the band, where the protagonists are the virtuous Japanese violinist Aska Kaneko and the sophisticated Argentinean pianist Gerardo Di Giusto, but it's also between rhythmic instruments, interpreted by the Argentine bassist Carlos "El Tero" Buschini and the vigorous Japanese percussionist Tomohiro Yahiro.
The result is to leave you breathless. A kaleidoscope of colors and emotions of absolute originality. The compositions, all written by their, express maturity and spontaneity at the same time, poetry and vigor. Live performances come alive at the highest levels of improvisation.
The two Argentinians and the two Japaneses were met by chance in Paris in 2003, ones fascinated by the opposite characteristics of the other, and they thought to "let contaminate" each other, the first from the elegance, the latter from "brio".
This is how Gaia Cuatro was born and, since 2004, they are going in tour around the world, specially in Japan and Europe.
The band realised three albums with the Italian label Abeat Records: Udin, Haruka and Visions. Vision is a rewriting of the first album "Gaia", published by the Japanese Kaiya Records. Haruka and Vision are hosting one of the most famous Italian artists, known all over the world, Paolo Fresu, who, fascinated by their music, taken the street of this musical trip, without geographical limits, while expressing its full rich personality. "Paolo has a different color, he played with us respecting our music, but giving it its color, its aroma, a new vision, another wind." (Aska Kaneko).

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