Carlos "El Tero" Buschini




Born in Despeñaderos in the province of Cordoba, Argentine, bass player and composer, Carlos “el tero” Buschini starts his career as a young boy playing bombo and guitar with folklore bands of his region, studying classic guitar from the age of 11. He soon starts his first international tours in Latin America, Europe with several groups. His training in music continues in La Comena, Cordoba, CPM Milan and AIMRA in Lyon and is complemented through numerous workshops with Franco d’Andrea, Attilio Zanchi, Alain Caron, M. Stanchev and Joe Santiago. In 1989 he permanently settles in Italy and quickly becomes known in the European music scene by playing with great representatives of the Italian and French jazz world such as: Julien Lourau, Bojan Zulfikarpasic, Magik Malik, Miguel Anga Diaz, Luis Agudo, Minino Garay, Javier Girotto, Antonello Salis, Tiziana Ghiglione, Phil Drummy, Olivier Ker Ourio, Laurent De Wild, Daniel Mille, Nicolas Stilo, Nicolas Folmer, Krassen Lutzkanov, Gustavo Ovalles, Daniele di Buenaventura, Daniel Garcia, Raul carnota, Barbara Casisni and many others.
He also plays with the following Japanese musicians Aska Kaneko, Tomohiro Yahiro, Kana Hiamatsu with whom he tours Japan and Europe. today he plays in several formations:Madre Tierra ( with Javier Girotto, Natalio Mangalavite, martin Bruhn), Cordoba Reunion (with Javier Girotto, Gerardo Di Giusto and Minino Garay) Tango Negro Trio (with Juan Carlos Caceres and Uruguayan percussionist Marcelo Russillo), Gaia Cuatro (with Gerardo Di Giusto, Aska Kaneko and Tomohiro Yahiro) and Cuarteto Rosamonte (with Gabriel Perez, Leandro Guffanti, Martin Bruhn).

Photo ©Mariagrazia Giove