Gerardo Di Giusto




"Di Giusto created a new sound in the cramped, unknown space of contemporary Latin-American music"
Francisco Cruz – Le Monde de la Musique (avril 2005)

Pianist and composer Gerardo Di Giusto was born on the 30th January 1961 in Córdoba, Argentina. After attending the National Music Academy of Córdoba, he furthered his studies in music in Paris at the "CIM" Jazz school and the "Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris" where he graduated with a degree in Musical Direction.
Composer, arranger and pianist for the masters of “rubato” like Amelita Balter
(singer for Piazzolla) and Juan Jose Mosalini in Argentine tango, for the masters of
“rhythm” in Latin music like Orlando Poleo, Anga Diaz, Maraca Valles, etc. and for
jazz musicians such as Julien Lourau, Magik Malik and Gerardo Di Giusto also the conduit for his enthousiastic stringed quintet “Camerata Ambigua” and on two their first successful album “La Cambiada” released under the Mañana Label founded by Eduardo Makaroff from the Gotan Project and dedicated to new forms of expression of Argentine music.
His orchestral works have been performed by The Grand Harmony of the French Army, The Chamber Orchestra of Cordoba (Argentina), The Dionysus Orchestra (France) and The Camerata Romeu (Cuba). He has also performed as a solo pianist in the halls of the Sorbonne, la Halle aux Grains de Toulouse, and L’Arsenal in Metz, France.
Discography: « Gaïa » (Cristal/Abeille) / « La Cambiada » (Mañana/Naïve) / Julien Lourau « The Rise » (piano) / Orlando Poleo « Lo Bueno de la Vida » (piano & composition) / Orlando Poleo « El buen Camino » (composition) / Jorge Cumbo « Cumbo Trio » (piano & composition) / Musique du film « Gazon Maudit » (piano & arrangements) / Alma Rosa « Sarada » (composition).

Photo © Mariagrazia Giove