Tomohiro Yahiro




Drummer and percussionist,Tomohiro was born in Tokyo, and spends ten years of his childhood in the Canary Islands, where he learned the drums and percussion with local groups of Latin Rock. He returned to Japan in 1980, entered at the University. He stands out quickly and Kazuo Yoshida, the leader of the group Spick & Span, decided to create a collaboration with him. Decisive meeting for the launch of his professional career.
It follows numerous collaborations with musicians such as Yosuke Yamashita, Shigeharu Mukai, Fumio Itabashi, Kazutoki Umezu. He also performs with Kazumi Watanabe, Taeko Onuki, Lisa Ono, Minako Yoshida and the group COBA.
He is a member of the rock group "Jagatara" well known in Japan and collaborates with Shakushain, one of the most important jazz groups in Japan.
He works with many foreign musicians such as Joyce, Jorge Cumbo, Pedro Azunar, Alex Acuna, Toninho Horta, Hugo Fattoruso and recently with the Senegalese percussion ensemble "Sophie Ker Gi".
DISCOGRAPHY: 2004 "Tomohiro Yahiro & Os Amarelos" (Columbia) - 2003 "Minga" Sachi Hayasaka (Tzadik) - 2001 "Further AttemptsĀ» Todd Garfinkle (Ma Recordings) - 2000 "Straitgh to the core" Sachi Hayasaka (Three Blind Mice) - 1997 "Desert in Hand" Shakushain (Knitting Factory) - 1996 "Dreams of Ganesha" Febian Reza Pane (Denon Records) - 1995 "Milagros" - 1994 "Pandora" Kazumi Watanabe (Gramavision) - 1992 "Sachi Hayasaka & Stir Up! "(Enja) - 1991" Live at Buddy "Sachi Hayasaka - 1989" Free Fight "Sachi Hayasaka (Mobys Record).

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